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I'm a story teller, my stories are told through the medium of cloth and stitch.  Cloth a medium as old as time, it clothes us, it warms us, it surrounds us daily on the furniture that we sit upon and the towels we grab as we step out of the bath.  I grew up creating with cloth sewing dolls as a child, as a teenager stitching clothing and quilts and now as an artist creating images made of bits and pieces of cloth and thread to tell my stories. 


My work explores the architectural relationships between structures and the landscapes they occupy and alter.  Like looking through a child’s kaleidoscope mazes of patterns and shadows are manipulated by the angle of the sun, clouds passing over, and the lights that illuminate the dark.  These elements create altered visual shapes in the landscape, giving birth to new narratives.  Like human relationships structural-environmental relationships are never static. What we see in one moment may be lost till the next cycle of the earth or until the next building is erected or crumbles back to the soil. 

Studio Art Quilt Associates
Juried Art Member

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